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Friday, 16 December 2016


Compilation of a few experiences.

'Space' is word with a deep meaning. People use this word to convey that they need some time for themselves. If we need space so badly, don't animals need it too?
No matter how adorable or entertaining they might be, they need some time for themselves as well.

I visited Darjeeling this summer, and it was my priveledge that I was able to stay at the zoo facility. So as a tourist I was roaming around the vicinity, and I came across this family who was very excited to be around the animals. To my surprise, they were so excited that they literally started troubling them. A black panther was taking a nap, when they came next to his cage and started throwing stones and screaming 'Bagira' in order to wake him up. However, when I told them that the animal needs rest, they walked away giving me looks.

Dehradun, is my hometown. So I visit the place two or three times in an year. There is a beautiful mountainous stretch before one enters the capital (we love travelling by car) and there are tons of monkeys living there along with other animals. True, they are attracted to vehicles, and people love to feed them too, but with empty chips packets, or banana peels, rather throw left overs at them. Not only this, but children with catapults (literally) trouble them and their parents encourage them too.

And this is one thing we have all seen, animals are more or less sources of entertainment to some. Children wake dogs up when they are sleeping, people love to trouble birds sitting peacefully at places near them, some infact are so fascinated by animals on street - cows, that they'll go all out of the way to poke them with sticks and get their attention and this is not very cool.

True, they might love them but 'space' is necessary for everyone, for you, for me, for humans and for animals.