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Sunday, 16 October 2016


This post is based on observation.

So on a post dated 17 July 2015, I introduced you all to Juliet, my beloved budgerigar. She stayed with us for 3 years and unfortunately left us on 14 September 2016.
Now for people, who share an emotional bond with animals, even the mention of their death turns out to be an emotional and a touchy topic. BUT BUT BUT, it seems that some do not understand that. Like sometimes, Juliet's death is taken as a joke for everyone else to laugh at.
Nobody can say anything about a person, but somehow an animal's death is very amusing . Agreed, everyone does not like animals, everyone cannot relate to them but making a mockery out of their demise does not make sense either, after all it was a life. The least you can do is not do it infront of the person whom it might effect, if you want to have a hearty laugh.
A small animal like a bird may not be that connectable to all but, for someone that animal may mean something.
These things do get me emotional, I start crying, only then people realise that they should stop. Why do we have to wait for someone to breakdown before we realise what we do is wrong? Why can't we take an animal's life seriously? Why can't we understand that they too are important?

They might not be anything to you, but for someone, they may be the world.