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Friday, 17 July 2015


So this my bird JULIET , a budgerigar or in short a budgie. Being one year old, she is very fit and active for her age . She was given to me by one of my cousins(:*) and very soon she became a part of our family. Since she is  aggresive like other females of her kind, we all live according to her norms. She has a liking for mirrors where she grooms herself when in open (which is almost everyday). She is one of the lucky birds who has a home.
 It is a harsh reality that budgies which are not found in India are bought in bulk from Austrailia and till the time they are not sold in markets, most of them are kept in cramped spaces where half of them die. It is the same case with many exotic species like the majestic macaws, cockatails etc.
I was reading an article recently where I was delighted to hear that bird lovers are buying budgies to release them where they belong- Sky.But it is heart breaking to know that most of them die while flying because of being in a different atmosphere where it takes time for them to adapt. Juliet herself gets tired after taking one or two rounds of the house and only A/C suites her.If I leave her in the sky, she wouldn't be able to survive for more than a day.
People taking care of birds should never leave them out in open as THEIR COMPASSION MIGHT KILL THEM. If people love,feed, talk and leave birds open their houses for some time, they would become some really good care takers.