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Wednesday, 14 October 2015


In a park in D-6,Vasant Kunj live 4 small puppies.Born to a mother who doesn't pay attention to them, the fifth one died in her wait. Now only 4 beautiful girls are left. People in D-6 provide them with food and blankets to sleep, but they have a special liking for Dahsel. Dahsel keeps a continuous and close watch on them.
When I visited her colony, I saw these 4 run towards us when Dahsel called them. Even though I spent a very little time with them, I felt so attached that it was hard for me to say goodbye.One must agree that with the warmth and love they recieve,they will turn out to be some really beautiful dogs.

Just like the residents of D-6 help stray dogs, people should realise that animals after all are not a nuisance. Loving and caring for them would only give one happiness. Since we call ourselves 'sane', our acts should also prove that we care for each and everyone on this planet specially for those who have no support.