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Monday, 26 October 2015


So, this blog is going to be a little different from what I usually write.
I was reading stories about children who have or had imaginary characters as their friends. Some of them were really creepy but I seemed to relate to them as I too had some 'invisible' friends. 
As a little kid, I had friends who were animals as well as humans. A cat named crissy, bird called tintin,a mouse called joe and a puffy animal named Jan (I am still not sure what she was).
They used to be my all time companions, I used to talk to them, play, sing and dance as well.
Thankfully they never turned out to be bad or told me to do things I was not supposed to. But in  some years,they slowly went away and I no longer see them.
I spoke to my mother about this, as for now no one ever knew. Apparently, they were a 'secret'. However, mom said that she noticed the way I would go under the bed, laugh all by myself and she never questioned me.
 I guess they gave me strength,To be honest,I was never a child who could sleep without her mother. Gradually, I did so because I felt that my friends were there to protect me.
Many may feel that it is a mental disorder but it is completely normal. Infact a child is simply creative for building an entirely different world with different people. There are children who have a tough time dealing with such things. It is advisable for parents to take them for counselling, indulging them in activities and making them feel that their parents are always there to protect them. However, in my case, they were gone with the passage of time. 
My mother told me that when I was four, I picked up a baby snake and started talking to it. When my mom saw this, she was terrified to the core and threw the snake and killed it. I still feel guilty and blame myself for its death. According to her, it was after the incident that I started speaking to myself.