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Friday, 10 March 2017


It's time.

That's right, it's time to tell you about those who have made our lives happier, and by 'our', I mean Dahsel and mine!
Okay, first I know I need to be regular with this blog and post more often, but in the past months I have been working on something which will probably be my next post.
Anyways, introducing ELU, a mix of Pomerian and Apso living with Dahsel.
He is an year old and a very cute and an extremely friendly fluffball. But it would be better if you got an introduction of him from Dahsel's view. Soooo, here you go!

I remember when I first met Elu, I instantly fell for him. He is so beautiful. And this is from personal experience, he is really a very hyper dog. He can bring a smile on the face in no time.
LaPom is a breed which is attentive, watchful and at the same time very lively too. They turn out to be really good apartment dwellers.
Apart from Elu, Dahsel also takes care of strays in her colony and every dog seems to love her a lot!

Now, it's time to introduce you to my family members, Jack and Jill. One and a half year old budgies. I can't really keep dogs as my parents don't think that I will be able to take of them (sigh) but instead, I take care of strays too. 
Anyways here they are, Jack and Jill.
They are budgies or budgerigars and probably the best pets to have if you do not have enough space to keep any animal apart from fishes which by the way are beautiful pets.
In a post where I introduced you to Juliet, I wrote about budgies in general and about her as well. And trust me, they are not at all like her. Jill (green) is apparently more friendly than Jack (white) which is unlikely for their kind. 
But once they trust someone, both of them turn out to be very cool.

That's all for now! We hope that in further posts, you all come across them even more.

Friday, 16 December 2016


Compilation of a few experiences.

'Space' is word with a deep meaning. People use this word to convey that they need some time for themselves. If we need space so badly, don't animals need it too?
No matter how adorable or entertaining they might be, they need some time for themselves as well.

I visited Darjeeling this summer, and it was my priveledge that I was able to stay at the zoo facility. So as a tourist I was roaming around the vicinity, and I came across this family who was very excited to be around the animals. To my surprise, they were so excited that they literally started troubling them. A black panther was taking a nap, when they came next to his cage and started throwing stones and screaming 'Bagira' in order to wake him up. However, when I told them that the animal needs rest, they walked away giving me looks.

Dehradun, is my hometown. So I visit the place two or three times in an year. There is a beautiful mountainous stretch before one enters the capital (we love travelling by car) and there are tons of monkeys living there along with other animals. True, they are attracted to vehicles, and people love to feed them too, but with empty chips packets, or banana peels, rather throw left overs at them. Not only this, but children with catapults (literally) trouble them and their parents encourage them too.

And this is one thing we have all seen, animals are more or less sources of entertainment to some. Children wake dogs up when they are sleeping, people love to trouble birds sitting peacefully at places near them, some infact are so fascinated by animals on street - cows, that they'll go all out of the way to poke them with sticks and get their attention and this is not very cool.

True, they might love them but 'space' is necessary for everyone, for you, for me, for humans and for animals.

Sunday, 16 October 2016


This post is based on observation.

So on a post dated 17 July 2015, I introduced you all to Juliet, my beloved budgerigar. She stayed with us for 3 years and unfortunately left us on 14 September 2016.
Now for people, who share an emotional bond with animals, even the mention of their death turns out to be an emotional and a touchy topic. BUT BUT BUT, it seems that some do not understand that. Like sometimes, Juliet's death is taken as a joke for everyone else to laugh at.
Nobody can say anything about a person, but somehow an animal's death is very amusing . Agreed, everyone does not like animals, everyone cannot relate to them but making a mockery out of their demise does not make sense either, after all it was a life. The least you can do is not do it infront of the person whom it might effect, if you want to have a hearty laugh.
A small animal like a bird may not be that connectable to all but, for someone that animal may mean something.
These things do get me emotional, I start crying, only then people realise that they should stop. Why do we have to wait for someone to breakdown before we realise what we do is wrong? Why can't we take an animal's life seriously? Why can't we understand that they too are important?

They might not be anything to you, but for someone, they may be the world.

Sunday, 28 August 2016



The last blog I posted was in October and since then alot of things happened due to which I never really paid attention to this Blog, and I am sorry about that.

So a few months ago,  Dahsel and I conducted a few workshops in our school talking about stray animals. We picked up the students from the junior section as they are always curious and they can be connected to easily.

After a few general topics and discussions we asked them to post some pictures of their little friends along with them on our school website . And within a week,  we got an amazing response. 

Well, these are just a few. But due to their support, we now actually have taken a big step to help animals.  We have sent dogs for vaccinations, we have sent homeless little ones to loving families and of course had a tie with many animal shelters. 
This post is to appreciate all those who believed in our dream and who thought that if we all can work together, some innocents can actually live to see a better day.


Monday, 26 October 2015


So, this blog is going to be a little different from what I usually write.
I was reading stories about children who have or had imaginary characters as their friends. Some of them were really creepy but I seemed to relate to them as I too had some 'invisible' friends. 
As a little kid, I had friends who were animals as well as humans. A cat named crissy, bird called tintin,a mouse called joe and a puffy animal named Jan (I am still not sure what she was).
They used to be my all time companions, I used to talk to them, play, sing and dance as well.
Thankfully they never turned out to be bad or told me to do things I was not supposed to. But in  some years,they slowly went away and I no longer see them.
I spoke to my mother about this, as for now no one ever knew. Apparently, they were a 'secret'. However, mom said that she noticed the way I would go under the bed, laugh all by myself and she never questioned me.
 I guess they gave me strength,To be honest,I was never a child who could sleep without her mother. Gradually, I did so because I felt that my friends were there to protect me.
Many may feel that it is a mental disorder but it is completely normal. Infact a child is simply creative for building an entirely different world with different people. There are children who have a tough time dealing with such things. It is advisable for parents to take them for counselling, indulging them in activities and making them feel that their parents are always there to protect them. However, in my case, they were gone with the passage of time. 
My mother told me that when I was four, I picked up a baby snake and started talking to it. When my mom saw this, she was terrified to the core and threw the snake and killed it. I still feel guilty and blame myself for its death. According to her, it was after the incident that I started speaking to myself. 

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


In a park in D-6,Vasant Kunj live 4 small puppies.Born to a mother who doesn't pay attention to them, the fifth one died in her wait. Now only 4 beautiful girls are left. People in D-6 provide them with food and blankets to sleep, but they have a special liking for Dahsel. Dahsel keeps a continuous and close watch on them.
When I visited her colony, I saw these 4 run towards us when Dahsel called them. Even though I spent a very little time with them, I felt so attached that it was hard for me to say goodbye.One must agree that with the warmth and love they recieve,they will turn out to be some really beautiful dogs.

Just like the residents of D-6 help stray dogs, people should realise that animals after all are not a nuisance. Loving and caring for them would only give one happiness. Since we call ourselves 'sane', our acts should also prove that we care for each and everyone on this planet specially for those who have no support.

Friday, 17 July 2015


So this my bird JULIET , a budgerigar or in short a budgie. Being one year old, she is very fit and active for her age . She was given to me by one of my cousins(:*) and very soon she became a part of our family. Since she is  aggresive like other females of her kind, we all live according to her norms. She has a liking for mirrors where she grooms herself when in open (which is almost everyday). She is one of the lucky birds who has a home.
 It is a harsh reality that budgies which are not found in India are bought in bulk from Austrailia and till the time they are not sold in markets, most of them are kept in cramped spaces where half of them die. It is the same case with many exotic species like the majestic macaws, cockatails etc.
I was reading an article recently where I was delighted to hear that bird lovers are buying budgies to release them where they belong- Sky.But it is heart breaking to know that most of them die while flying because of being in a different atmosphere where it takes time for them to adapt. Juliet herself gets tired after taking one or two rounds of the house and only A/C suites her.If I leave her in the sky, she wouldn't be able to survive for more than a day.
People taking care of birds should never leave them out in open as THEIR COMPASSION MIGHT KILL THEM. If people love,feed, talk and leave birds open their houses for some time, they would become some really good care takers.